February 20, 2018. A lawsuit was filed today over the wrongful death of Luther Wade at Lebanon Correctional Institution. Luther was savagely beaten by his cellmate, who used a cinderblock he carved out of the prison wall to crush Luther’s head and face. The prison knew inmates were carving blocks from the walls that created holes large enough to pass from cell to cell in the segregation block. The prison knew that the inmates covered the holes in the walls with clothes hanging from a clothesline in the cell. Yet, the prison did not inspect the cells. Worse, prison officials placed Luther, who was in segregation for having cigarettes, with a murderer with a known history of trying to escape by carving holes in a cell wall in jail. “Luther Wade’s horrific death could easily have been prevented if prison had not let his violent cellmate carve a cinderblock from the deteriorating cell walls and use it to kill Luther,” said Jennifer Branch, attorney for Luther Wade. For more information about the case, click here for a copy of the complaint.

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