Capital Care Network of Toledo remains open for business while it asks the Supreme Court of Ohio Tuesday September 12, 2017 to stop the State from revoking its license. Capital Care is the last remaining abortion healthcare provider in the region and must remain open to provide safe and legal abortions to women in the region.

For four years the Ohio Department of Health has tried to revoke Capital Care’s license; but it has lost in each court that has heard the case. ODH has appealed to the Supreme Court of Ohio, which will hear arguments Tuesday. On the eve of ODH’s appeal, it issued a surprise inspection report and fine regarding Capital Care’s decision in April 2017 to send a patient to the hospital as a precaution. The patient was stable, asymptomatic, and did not suffer any complications. However, the decision was made to refer her for testing to make sure there were no complications. This took place in early April 2017. A few days later, ODH made a surprise inspection based on a “complaint “it had received. ODH gave no explanation for why it waited five months to inform Capital Care of its inspection results and fine.

“Capital Care vehemently disputes ODH’s suspiciously timed findings and fine. We have responded to the inspection report with the same information that was available to ODH at the time of its inspection last April,” said Jennifer L. Branch, attorney for Capital Care. “Capital Care will continue to fight ODH’s attempts to play politics with Capital Care’s license, “Ms. Branch said. The women of Northwest Ohio should be reassured that Capital Care will expend all of its resources to fight the State’s attempts to deny women their right to seek safe and legal abortions.

Capital Care hearing request

Capital Care response to ODH fine

Contact: Jennifer L. Branch, Attorney for Capital Care

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