Columbus, Ohio.  Matthew T. Hook, a citizen tased by police and suffering a severe brain injury, filed a civil rights case on November 30, 2010, alleging excessive force.   On August 8, 2010, Mr. Hook was wanted for alleged property crimes.  He scaled an eight foot fence as Perry Township police officers approached him.  He was tased as he stood at the top of the fence.  The taser probes struck his back, paralyzing all of his muscles and causing him to fall forward, head first, to the concrete below.  He suffered massive brain injuries and remains hospitalized.  Mr. Hook was unarmed and the alleged underlying crimes were nonviolent.  Manufacturer Taser International warns officers that “death or serious injury “can result if the taser is deployed against a person on an “elevated surface.”  The suit alleges that Defendant officer Shawn Bean ignored that warning when he used the taser while Mr. Hook was on top of the fence.  The tasing was captured on a police video.

Columbus attorneys William Lamkin and Tim Van Eman of Columbus are also representing the family of Mr. Hook.

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