Cleveland, July 11, 2016.  Today the family of Tanisha Anderson has filed a motion seeking summary judgment against Cleveland Police Officers Scott Aldridge and Bryan Myers and the City of Cleveland.  The family has also filed an expert report reviewing the treatment of Tanisha by nationally renowned police expert Lou Reiter who has served as a monitor for the United States Department of Justice and was a former Deputy Chief of Police of the City of Los Angeles.

More than twenty depositions, thousands of documents and the expert report show:

  • Defendants Aldridge and Myers put pressure on Tanisha’s back while she was restrained in a prone position causing her suffering death by positional asphyxiation.
  • Defendants Aldridge and Myers wrongfully delayed any call for EMS for 14 minutes
  • The Defendant City of Cleveland caused her suffering and death by failing to train and supervise its officers regarding positional asphyxiation.

RNC ALERT: The lack of training continues to this day.  The family wants to prevent any more deaths like Tanisha’s.  Since arrests are expected at the RNC the family is calling for the City of Cleveland to immediately do roll call training on positional asphyxia for all officers.

Background: On November 12, 2014 Tanisha Anderson was experiencing a period of mental instability when the Defendant police officers responded to her home.  Tanisha was not armed, not dangerous, and was not accused of committing any crime.  She simply needed mental health treatment.  After initially using verbal control techniques, the officers escalated to physical force, ultimately holding her on the ground, prone and cuffed behind her back, causing her respiratory problems, suffering and ultimately causing her death due to positional asphyxia. The officers delayed any call for EMS for 14 minutes.  Her death has been ruled a homicide.   No criminal prosecution has been initiated or discipline imposed for these past 20 months.  The family is outraged and seeks justice for their loved one.

CONTACT: Anderson Family Attorneys:

David Malik               216.401.7668

Al Gerhardstein          513.659.4765

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