Cincinnati, August 6th, 2014 – The Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals heard three hours of arguments on appeals from district court decisions declaring bans on marriages between same-sex couples unconstitutional in Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky, and Tennessee.  Al Gerhardstein argued for the same-sex couples in Obergefell v. Himes and Henry v. Himes, who sued the State of Ohio for recognition of their out-of-state marriages on death and birth certificates.  The arguments were widely covered in the media and a few of the stories are below.

Gerhardstein & Branch has filed another case in federal district court on behalf of six same-sex couples seeking their right to marry in Ohio.  Judge Michael Barrett has stayed that case pending the Sixth Circuit’s decision.  The appeals from Michigan and Kentucky seek the right to marry in those states and challenge marriage bans nearly identical to Ohio’s.  The Sixth Circuit’s decision in those cases is expected to set the precedent for the right to marry in Ohio.

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