Al Gerhardstein’s Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals argument in Brown v. Chapman, et. al was covered by the Huffington Post: Another Black Man Told Police ‘I Can’t Breathe.’ One Replied ‘Who Gives A F**k?’.

Rodney Brown was travelling home in his car when he was pulled over by Cleveland police officers.  When Mr. Brown questioned why he was stopped, officers struggled with him and then tased him in the chest.  In the aftermath of the police officers’ excessive force, Mr. Brown told the officers he was having trouble breathing and one officer responded: “So? Who gives a fuck? ” Mr. Brown then lost consciousness.  He had no pulse and was completely unresponsive by the time EMS arrived.  When they arrived, Mr. Brown was propped up on one of the officer’s legs.  His family has sued the City and the officers involved for Mr. Brown’s wrongful death and the unnecessary police brutality.

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