A Cincinnati woman who was the victim of a brutal rape and kidnapping was forced to file a Complaint in the Supreme Court of Ohio against the special prosecutor prosecuting the case. Jennifer Kinsley, a lawyer and professor, sought removal of the special prosecutor because he was disregarding her rights under Ohio’s Marsy’s Law, which gives crime victim the right to be respected and listened to prior to a plea and sentencing. The special prosecutor, and the prosecutor he replaced, both lashed out at Ms. Kinsley in the media. The Butler County Prosecutor was quoted in the media as saying that she “does not know her ass from a hole in the ground.” See media report. The Hamilton County Prosecutor was quoted as blaming the victim. When the Butler County Prosecutor sought sanctions against the victim for filing the Complaint, attorney Jennifer Branch stepped in to oppose the sanctions against Ms. Kinsley. “Prosecutors must respect sexual assault victims, not attack them for asserting their Constitutional rights to be heard,” said Ms. Branch. “Such actions have a chilling effect on all sexual assault victims reporting crimes,” Ms. Branch warned. It is anticipated that the special prosecutor will be replaced and the rape case will be able to proceed, with a new special prosecutor who will respect Ms. Kinsley’s rights under the Ohio Constitution.

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