Al and Adam Gerhardstein have filed a federal lawsuit against the private prison in Marion Ohio challenging censorship of legal and self-help books published by the Human Rights Defense Center (HRDC).  Thirty-seven books have been blocked by the Defendant Management & Training Corporation (MTC).  A preliminary injunction is requested in order to enforce important first amendment rights.  The lawsuit also seeks to establish a process for notice and an opportunity to be heard about any rejection of a publication. The Center is a non-profit that educates prisoners about racism, sexism, and prisoner rights and it has received numerous awards for its important human rights work.  The case is assigned to Judge Jeffrey Helmick in Toledo. Adam Gerhardstein said, “This for-profit company cannot shut down learning, curiosity or hope for the men inside.  These books feed the mind and should be allowed in.”  Co-counsel are HRDC staff attorneys Sabarish Neelakanta, Masimba Mutamba, and Daniel Marshall.

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