Columbus, Ohio.  The victims of a police shooting have filed a federal civil rights suit against Drug Task Force officers Kevin Starrett and Sky Wilson, Perry County, Perry County Sheriff William Barker and New Lexington, Ohio.  The victims, Dustin Dugan and Kenneth Helwig, were not armed and were under surveillance for allegedly possessing Mr. Dugan’s girlfriend’s car.  Their vehicle was boxed in between two unmarked police cars on February 27, 2012 in New Junction, Ohio and immediately fired upon by the officers.

Civil Rights Attorney Al Gerhardstein of Cincinnati stated, “In my 36 years of protecting citizens from police violence this is one of the worst shootings I have ever litigated.  These men were suspected only of a property crime and should have received a knock on the door or a phone call and not subjected to an assault with these guns.”  Co-counsel Michael Cox of Columbus added, “Mr. Dugan has undergone 11 surgeries, lost over 80 pounds and is literally still fighting for his life and this is seven months later.  He has three young children and worries he will never be able to be a real dad to them again.”

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