Painesville, Ohio, October 20, 2015. A settlement has been reached in the lawsuit challenging as excessive force the tasing of David Nall in his Painesville, Ohio apartment on June 26, 2010. Mr. Nall suffered severe brain injury and will need care for the rest of his life. The lawsuit also challenged as a civil rights violation the arrest of Mr. Nall and his wife Becky. The monetary settlement is subject to probate court approval and totals $2,250,000.00. The funds will be used to provide care for Mr. Nall, compensate the couple for their injuries, and cover fees and costs in their five year legal struggle. The City also agreed to provide current taser policy and training materials to the Nall attorneys and receive in good faith any recommendations regarding improvement in the policy and training materials. The city also agreed to use the Nall use of force as a training exercise demonstrating an extended trigger pull in the hope that similar injuries will be avoided in the future.

The Nall family attorneys, Al Gerhardstein and David Malik, stated, “We commend the City of Painesville for responding to the family’s request for a review of training. The settlement will allow the family to have resources needed to care for David and the training review will help make the community safer for everyone.”

Media Coverage: $2.25 million settlement reached in Painesville police Taser incident, Fox 8 Cleveland.

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