Cincinnati, June 26, 2014. The family of Corey McGinnis has resolved its civil rights and wrongful death lawsuit against the City of North College Hill, Ohio.  Corey died after he was tased in the chest on June 26, 2012. The family has resolved the case for $650,000.00 plus a number of changes in taser policy and training.  The settlement, which must be approved by the probate court, provides that North College Hill will:

  • amend its taser policy to reflect the manufacturer’s preferred target zone;  [read the revised and adopted policy here]
  • grade officer examinations taken during taser training;
  • conduct competent use of force investigations following taser deployments;
  • take reasonable efforts to participate in a national registry regarding taser impact if one is established; and
  • implement the reforms through a neutral expert with input from plaintiff counsel Al Gerhardstein.

The family was represented by attorneys Al Gerhardstein, Konrad Kircher, and Clyde Bennett III.  Konrad Kircher said, “The funds will be used to support the education and other needs of Corey’s children.  His sister Yolanda McGinnis has been a great advocate for her nieces and nephews and has honored her brother the best way possible through this settlement.”

Counsel Al Gerhardstein, adds, “North College Hill should be commended for including reforms in this settlement.  The McGinnis family wanted the case to help improve taser policies and training.  The settlement sends a message to all local law enforcement agencies that they should honor the preferred target zone, make sure officers are competent with the weapon, and do thorough investigations.”  Gerhardstein issued a white paper in 2011 identifying deficiencies in local taser policies and making recommendations. The Hamilton County Chiefs Association responded earlier this year, agreeing with many of the recommendations.

The lawsuit was pending in the United States District Court in Cincinnati, Ohio.


Al Gerhardstein:  (o) 513.621.9100, (c) 513.659.4765

Konrad Kircher: (o) 513.229.7996, (c ) 513.218.1252

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