Daryl Wallace has filed a federal civil rights lawsuit challenging Montgomery County and Corrections Officer Jerrid Campbell for Campbell’s vicious assault on Mr. Wallace in the Montgomery County Jail.  On September 28, 2015, the hot water was not working in Mr. Wallace’s cell.  When Mr. Wallace complained, Campbell refused to do anything about it.  After a verbal disagreement, Campbell pushed Mr. Wallace to the ground and pummeled him with a barrage of punches.  Campbell held his handcuffs like brass knuckles as he landed blow after blow. The incident was caught on video which can be viewed below (the encounter begins at 11:17 a.m.).  Campbell was disciplined by the Montgomery County Sheriff’s department for using excessive force.  Mr. Wallace’s attorney, Adam Gerhardstein said, “Corrections officers are supposed to keep the people in their custody safe.  There is no justification for Officer Campbell’s vicious assault on Mr. Wallace. Montgomery County has a responsibility to put an end to the use of excessive force by the corrections officers in its jail.”  The lawsuit was filed in federal court in Dayton Ohio.  Co-counsel are Jennifer Branch and Al Gerhardstein.

See coverage in the Dayton Daily News.

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