Cincinnati, OH. May 12, 2017.  The mother of Gabriel Taye breaks her silence this evening after the community’s outpouring of support.  Cornelia Reynolds, in her own words, expresses her despair over her only child’s tragic death:

“Gabriel was a shining light to everyone who knew and loved him. We miss him desperately and suffer everyday.  His life was not only stolen from him, but from those of us who expected to watch him grow up and enjoy life.  If I could, I would give anything to have him back. I feel he was cheated. I feel robbed. My only child, my best friend and my first true love isn’t here with us physically but I know he’s here in spirit.

I will fight everyday, every second of every minute. I am my son’s voice and it will be heard.  As Gabe’s Mother, it is my obligation to make sure that this will never happen again.  No this will not go away. People need to know the truth and help fix this epidemic in our society by spreading awareness and speaking up. Parents:  it is OK to tell your children to reach for help when someone is hurting them, whether it is at school, outside, home, or anywhere. #IamGabe”

On Mother’s Day, please remember Cornelia and Gabe and give the people you love an extra hug in Gabe’s memory,” said Jennifer Branch, attorney for Gabe and his mother.

Carla Leader, an attorney who concentrates her practice in education law is also representing Gabe and his mother. “Schools have a responsibility to keep our children safe. “Leader said, “We can’t bring Gabe back, but we can prevent future senseless tragedies.”

If you or someone you know needs help, contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255) or get more information on their website,

Taye is pronounced “tie-ay”

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