lovewins image Ohio Lawyer Magazine has published an article by Jennifer Branch, one of the Obergefell (Marraige Equality Case) lawyers.  In the article Jennifer summarizes the path that lead to the Obergefell decision and some of the issues yet to come.  She begins:

Like many LGBT advocates,1 soon after the Supreme Court of the United States’ decision in Windsor was announced on June 26, 2013, I was often asked what it all meant for Ohio. A good friend and soon to be co-counsel, Lisa Meeks, came to our office to meet with my law partner Al Gerhardstein and I to plot our course. How do we extend Windsor so women who loved women and men who loved men could finally get married at home, here in Ohio? Al had all our summer law clerks stop what they were doing and start researching. We wanted to prove Justice Scalia right when he lamented in his dissent in Windsor that the other shoe was about to drop… Read more.

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