Cincinnati, Ohio.  The families of three murdered women have sued Hamilton County Ohio following revelations that their deceased loved ones were sexually abused at the Hamilton County Morgue.  The perpetrator, Kenneth Douglas, was a morgue attendant who was regularly high on drugs and alcohol and who had intercourse with women visitors “all while on duty.  The abuse occurred between 1982 and February 6, 1992.  Mr. Douglas was convicted of gross abuse of a corpse and is presently in state prison.  DNA testing linked Douglas to the bodies of the deceased victims. 

The families learned of this abuse when Douglas was criminally charged in 2008 and 2009.  Defendants include Douglas’s supervisor, Bernard Kersker, former Coroner Dr. Frank Cleveland, and Hamilton County, Ohio.  The current coroner is not sued and was not in office during the abuse.  Civil Rights Attorney, Al Gerhardstein, one of the attorneys for the plaintiff families, states that,

 “The extreme abuse by Douglas is matched only by his supervisors.  They permitted staff members who were high on drugs and alcohol to handle the loved ones of these families.  These deceased women had no protection from the abusive staff.  Reopening the grief surrounding these deaths is devastating for these families.” 

The families are also represented by attorney Arthur W. Harmon, Jr., and attorneys from Cohen, Todd, Kite & Stanford, LLC, all of Cincinnati.

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