Cincinnati. June 19, 2013. Today the family of Corey McGinnis Sr. filed a federal civil rights and wrongful death suit against Sgt. Ryan Schrand and The City of North College Hill. The suit alleges that Mr. McGinnis was unreasonably tased in the chest by Sgt. Schrand on June 26, 2012 following an altercation during a basketball game. At the time of the tasing Mr. McGinnis was not armed and posed no serious threat to Sgt. Schrand or anyone else.

The family seeks compensation for the eight children of Mr. McGinnis and they hope the lawsuit will help reform taser policies. The tasing occurred more than two years after manufacturer, Taser International, Inc., warned law enforcement agencies to avoid tasing the upper chest. North College Hill is one of many local law enforcement agencies that permit dangerous taser chest shots in situations where deadly force is not authorized. The suit also alleges that the taser unit operated by Sgt. Schrand was not properly maintained. The voltage and current output for the unit exceeded manufacturer specifications

The family is part of a citizen group supporting recommendations for taser reform that were issued last Fall by one of the family’s attorneys, Al Gerhardstein, who stated: “We hope agencies across the region will recognize the dangers posed by chest shots and stop this dangerous practice immediately. Chest shots should not be used for ordinary arrests. They should be permitted only when deadly force is authorized. ” The family is also represented by attorneys Konrad Kircher, Michael Arnold, and Clyde Bennett.

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