On Friday August 17, 2012, the family of Timothy Conwell filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against Lawrence County, Ohio, Sheriff Lawless, Dr. Rodolfo Canos and several jail employees.  Mr. Conwell was admitted to the Lawrence County Jail on October 14, 2011 while suffering from an oxycodone overdose.  His vital signs were not taken and he was provided no treatment.  He was placed in the drunk tank and died that night.  Through this case the family will secure a full explanation of the events of that night and impose accountability on those responsible for Timothy’s suffering and death.

Civil rights attorneys Al Gerhardstein and Jennifer Branch of Cincinnati have filed the lawsuit.  They have filed numerous cases across the state challenging inadequate medical care in prisons and jails.  “Oxycodone is a huge problem in Southern Ohio, “stated Gerhardstein.  “Jail medical programs need to identify the symptoms and provide proper treatment.  Timothy Conwell would be alive today if a few simple steps had just been followed. This must not be allowed to happen again.”  “The Conwell family hopes through this case to trigger reforms that will prevent the deaths of future inmates suffering from drug overdoses “stated co-counsel Jennifer Branch.

The lawsuit was filed in federal court in Cincinnati, alleging federal civil rights as well as state law claims. 

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