January 10, 2014.  Cincinnati, OH.  Today, the last of eleven merit briefs were filed in the Ohio Supreme Court.  Click here to read them.  In all 11 cases, Judge Hunter, for the first time, defends the allegations that she delayed ruling on the 11 cases.  Jennifer Branch, Judge Hunter’s personal attorney, remarked:  “It is unfortunate that the process in the lower court did not give Judge Hunter a voice to defend the allegations.  I hope when the Ohio Supreme Court closely looks at the facts, it will realize that Judge Hunter acted appropriately.  Some of these cases have been pending for over a decade, are complicated, and raise difficult issues that will affect children for the rest of their lives.  Judge Hunter took the time she needed to thoroughly and thoughtfully decide these cases.”  The eleven cases have one important issue in common: there is a systemic backlog in Hamilton County Juvenile Court that pre-dated Judge Hunter taking the bench.  A decision from the Ohio Supreme Court is expected later this year.

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