On December 6, 2016, the civil lawsuit brought by the family of Samantha Ramsey against Boone County relating to her death on April 26, 2014 was settled by an agreement between the parties. The terms of the settlement include a payment of $3.5 million dollars to cover all damage claims, attorney fees and expenses. Additionally, the Boone County Sheriff’s Department has agreed to review and implement new policies including, but not limited to: providing body cams to its patrol deputies, revising use of force and other internal policies, and additional training.

“We believe the agreement reached by the parties is a fair resolution of this matter, “stated Al Gerhardstein, attorney for the plaintiffs, “we commend Sheriff Helmig for agreeing to review and revise his policies to help ensure something like this never happens again.”

“I have known Sheriff Helmig for many years,” said Jeff Mando, attorney for Boone County, “he is always willing to examine new policies or practices to ensure that his department is operating safely and efficiently. “He continued, “I appreciate the hard work done on all sides to resolve this matter.”

The family and passengers were represented by attorneys Al Gerhardstein, Adam Gerhardstein, Gary Franke, Mike O’Neill, Ryan Reed, and Colleen Hegge.  The County and Tyler Brockman were represented by attorneys Jeff Mando, Louis Kelly, and Robin Neace.

Contact:  Al Gerhardstein (513.659.4765)

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