Melissa and Donald Covington have sued Deputy Tyler Brockman, the Boone County Sheriff, and other Sheriff deputies for falsely arresting the Covingtons at their own home.  On February 26, 2016, the Covington’s were having a normal night at home when the deputies came to their home to serve a warrant on their son for unpaid court fines. However, the deputies misrepresented what the warrant was for and when Melissa questioned them, the Deputies grabbed her and arrested her.  When her husband asked why the Deputies were arresting his wife, they grabbed him, pulled him out of his home, and arrested him in his underwear.  It was a cold night and they refused to allow him to get dressed before taking him to jail.

The deputies later charged Melissa and Donald Covington with disorderly conduct even though Melissa and Donald were not in public when they were arrested and they did not disturb any of their neighbors. Melissa and Donald spent a sleepless night in jail and had many more sleepless nights worrying about the implications of the arrests on their lives.  Melissa and Donald bring this lawsuit for damages and to discourage Boone County Sheriff Deputies from abusing their arrest powers in the future.

Tyler Brockman is also a defendant in a lawsuit brought by the family of Samantha Ramsey, who Brockman shot and killed as she drove away from a field party in 2014.  Al Gerhardstein, attorney for the Covingtons, said, “Tyler Brockman’s erratic behavior on the night he shot Samantha Ramsey was again on display when he arrested Melissa and Donald Covington for no apparent reason.”

The Covingtons are represented by attorneys Al Gerhardstein, Adam Gerhardstein and Ryan Reed.

Contact:  Al Gerhardstein, 513-659-4765

Download the complaint here.

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