Cincinnati, Ohio.  The family of Everette Howard has filed a federal civil rights suit against UC police officer Richard Haas.  He tased and killed Everette Howard on August 6, 2011.  The tasing was unjustified but there have been no criminal charges and no discipline.  Through this case the family will secure a full explanation of the events of that night and impose accountability on those responsible for their son’s suffering and death.

The family is part of a group of concerned citizens who have filed public record requests with all of the law enforcement agencies in Hamilton County seeking their taser policies.  They will use this case and what they learn from other agencies to prevent needless deaths due to the improper use of tasers.

Attorney Al Gerhardstein, who has filed numerous cases across the State involving tasers, stated, “Everette Howard should be in college today enjoying his wrestling scholarship.  His death was unjustified and unnecessary.  Through this case the family will help reform taser use throughout the region and hopefully prevent more taser deaths.”

The lawsuit was filed in federal court in Cincinnati.  The family is gradually receiving the numerous documents that make up the criminal investigation.  When all of that information is processed there may be additional defendants added to the case.   Jennifer Branch is co-counsel on the lawsuit.  For further information, please read the Complaint.

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