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Gabe Taye’s Parents File Suit Against Cincinnati Public Schools

August 7, 2017. CINCINNATI OHIO.  Today, the parents of Gabriel Taye filed a civil rights and wrongful death lawsuit against Cincinnati Public Schools for the cover-up and death of their son, who hung himself.  On January 26, 2017, Gabe Taye, a third-grade student from Carson Elementary School took his life.  He had been bullied at school.  Two days earlier he was attacked in the boy’s bathroom by another student who was threatening and assaulting other boys.  Gabe walked in and shook the boy’s hand.  The boy started to shake Gabe’s hand but then grabbed his arm and yanked him toward the wall.  Gabe was knocked unconscious for over seven minutes.

There was no adult supervision in the bathroom.  The school did not tell his mother what really happened, only that he “fainted. “When she later took him to the hospital because he was vomiting, the hospital thought he had the stomach flu; no one knew, except the school, that he was knocked unconscious. It was not until several months after he died that his parents learned what had happened in the bathroom.  They also learned, after he died, that he was the victim of bullying in the boy’s bathroom on the day he died and that there was a culture of violence at Carson Elementary School that the School hid from the parents.

“If I had only known where the devastated words his mother told me when I described the bathroom assault to his mother, Cornelia Reynolds,” said Jennifer Branch, one of the attorneys for Gabe’s mother. “If CPS had been honest with her about what happened in the bathroom, how long he had been unconscious, and the dangerous school environment Gabe had to navigate each day of third grade, she would never had let him return to Carson.”

“I would never have sent back Gabe to that school if I had known,” echoed the anguished words of Gabe’s father, Benyam Taye to his counsel, Michele Young of Gregory S. Young Co., L.P.A.  “This father would have done anything to see his son alive again, to protect him, and to spare him from suffering. Instead, his last view of his son alive is a video of a vicious assault in a boy’s bathroom. What happened to Gabe cannot happen again to any child, “cautioned father’s attorney Young.

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