June 7, 2017, Cincinnati, OH. 

 The family of Gabriel Taye had asked the Hamilton County Corner to re-examine Gabe to see if a re-examination would provide information about why the eight-year-old boy ended his life.  Unfortunately, the re-examination was not possible.  Gabe’s family is heartbroken that he had to be disturbed from his resting place.  However, his parents consented to the exhumation because they are so desperate for answers.

The exhumation occurred June 7, 2017, four months after his death.  It occurred because the prosecutor opened an investigation into Gabe’s death and wanted to examine his iPad like tablet.  Gabe was buried with his tablet because his mother wanted to make sure he had something to play with in heaven.  His parents consented to the exhumation hoping that a forensic examination of Gabe’s tablet will shed light on what happened.

Since the exhumation was going to proceed, his mother asked the Coroner to re-examine Gabe.  The re-examination was requested because Carson Elementary School chose to withhold from Gabe’s mother the violence he encountered in the boy’s bathroom two days before he died. The School had a video recording that showed Gabe being knocked unconscious for over seven minutes, but did not share it with his mother until her attorneys uncovered it in their investigation two months later.

“Gabe’s mother has been searching for answers since she learned Gabe was knocked unconscious two days before he died.  Her grief has been compounded by the School withholding critical information from her.  She is disappointed that a re-examination was not possible but hopes his tablet will yield some answers,” said Jennifer Branch, attorney for Gabe’s mother, Cornelia Reynolds.


On January 26, 2017, Gabriel Taye, a third-grade student from Carson Elementary School took his life.  He had been bullied at school.  Two days before he had been attacked in the boy’s bathroom by another student who was threatening and assaulting other boys.  Gabe walked in and shook the boy’s hand.  The boy started to shake Gabe’s hand but then grabbed his arm and yanked him toward the wall.  Gabe’s head struck something out of view and he collapsed on the floor.  He remained unconscious for over seven minutes before an adult arrived to revive him.

There was no adult supervision in the bathroom.  The school did not tell his mother what really happened, only that he “fainted “in the bathroom. When she later took him to the hospital because he was vomiting, the hospital thought he had the stomach flu; no one knew, except the school, that he was knocked unconscious for over seven minutes.

The school provided a copy of the video to the Cincinnati detective investigating his death after Gabe’s death.  Gabe’s mother did not know about the video until our investigation uncovered the video of his assault two months after Gabe died.  Our investigation continues as we try to learn what happened at the school and why Gabe took his life.  If you have any information that would be helpful to the investigation, please contact us. The family thanks everyone who has reached out and offered their support.  Condolences and messages of support can be mailed to 441 Vine Street #3400, Cincinnati, OH 45202.


If you or someone you know needs help, contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255) or get more information on their website, suicidepreventionlifeline.org.

Taye is pronounced “Tie-ay”

Contact:   Jennifer L. Branch 513-621-9100 or 513-535-4123


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