March 14, 2018.  A class action lawsuit against Warren County has been filed in federal court by families who have adopted special needs children.  Federal law provides for subsidies that help these heroic families pay for therapy, treatment, tutoring and other expenses incurred when they adopt a special needs child.  Of the 160 families adopting special needs children in Warren County, 62 or 39%, receive zero subsidy.  Another 64 or 40% receive only $250 per month or less.  This is well below the special needs adoption subsidy provided by other Ohio counties and blocks families from providing their children much of what they need.

Lead counsel Al Gerhardstein said, “We hope through this lawsuit to gather all the families adopting special needs children in Warren County, and get them a fair process for determining subsidies and get them the subsidy they need and deserve.  Many of these children have experienced sexual abuse and/or been born to addicts. The folks adopting them are saints performing a tremendous public service.  They deserve all the support they are entitled to under federal law.”  Co-counsel is Barbara Ginn.  Her practice focuses on adoption law.

Adoption Subsidy Complaint

Motion for Preliminary Injunction

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