On July 26, 2010, David Nall was tased in his apartment by a Painesville, Ohio police officer.  He is now brain damaged for life.  On January 13, 2014, federal judge Lesley Wells ruled that his claim of excessive force may go to trial.  Her decision can be viewed here.  At the center of the case is a taser shot to Nall’s chest followed by trigger pulls totaling 26 seconds.  A normal taser deployment avoids the upper chest and last only 5 seconds.  Mr. Nall lost consciousness and nearly died.  Co-counsel for Mr. Nall, Al Gerhardstein, said, “Taser International warned police agencies to avoid shooting probes into the upper chest and to avoid extended trigger pulls well before this event.  Allegations of disorderly conduct should not leave a man disabled for life.”  Claims of improper arrest by David’s wife Becky Nall will also go to trial.  Co-counsel for Mr. Nall is David Malik of Cleveland.  No trial date has been set.

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