Today an emergency motion was filed seeking temporary release to the community of a 74 year old inmate suffering from a serious COVID-19 infection.  Mr. John Towns is being weaned from a ventilator and it is expected that he will be discharged from the OSU hospital.  He remains very weak, has kidney cancer and is nearly blind.  He has the support of his family including his nephew, Rev. Frederick LaMarr, Pastor of the Family Missionary Baptist Church in Columbus, Ohio.   

The victim of Mr. Towns sex offense died of natural causes over 15 years ago.  Mr. Towns has served over 25 years since his arrest and poses no threat to the community.  The World Health Organization now states that a COVID infection may not establish any immunity from a subsequent infection.  With the vast majority of the inmates at Marion testing positive Mr. Towns does not believe he can survive should he be transferred back to Marion.  The defendant is represented by Al Gerhardstein, Gerhardstein & Branch Co. LPA.

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