On July 23, 2015, Dontae Martin beloved son, brother, spouse, and father was brutally shot in the head and neck 12 times by Montgomery County Sheriff Deputies Joshua Haas and Gust Teague without reason.  His mother brought this civil rights case against the deputies who killed her son to seek justice for him and tell the truth about his death.  Plaintiff argued in court that the shooting was not reasonable because Dontae Martin presented no threat to the Deputies.  Plaintiff’s expert opined that Deputy Haas saw the reflection of his own weapon in Dontae’s tinted car windows.  “Dontae’s death was tragic and totally preventable.  It is a shame it took years of hard fought litigation for his family to learn the truth,” said Jennifer Branch, attorney for Dontae Martin’s family.  Ms. Branch, along with co-counsel Robert Gresham and Michael Wright of Wright & Schulte represented Donte Martin.

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