Covington, Kentucky. April 15, 2015. Today the family of Samantha Ramsey filed a federal civil rights and wrongful death suit against Boone County Deputy Tyler Brockman and Boone County, Kentucky.  Nineteen year old Samantha Ramsey was shot and killed by Brockman on April 26, 2014.  The deputy approached Ramsey’s vehicle on foot as Ms. Ramsey was slowly exiting a field where many people had attended a party.  Without any warning to Ms. Ramsey or her passengers he jumped onto the hood and demanded that she stop her car.  As Ms. Ramsey was stopping the car Brockman fired his weapon four times through the windshield, killing Ms. Ramsey and terrorizing her three passengers.

Attorney Al Gerhardstein, one of the attorneys on the case, stated, “This deputy was not indicted or disciplined.  He was wrong to jump onto the car; wrong to shoot while Samantha was slowing down; and wrong to shoot at this young lady at all before he jumped back off the hood.  Samantha’s shooting and death was completely unnecessary and avoidable.”

The lawsuit was filed in federal court in Covington.  The issues raised by this shooting match those raised in numerous other police shootings across the nation where police have killed unarmed civilians. Gary Franke is co-counsel for the Ramsey family and Colleen Hegge and Ryan Reed are co-counsel for the passengers.  For further information, please read the Complaint.

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