In 2002 Cincinnati led the Country with a forward looking police reform agreement requiring officer accountability, bias-free policing, use of force reform and problem solving.  The agreement established the Citizens Complaint Authority which has an independent staff of professionals and subpoena power to thoroughly investigate police abuse.  Plaintiffs in the case which resulted in the Collaborative were the Cincinnati Black United Front (CBUF) and the ACLU.  Al Gerhardstein was lead counsel for the Plaintiffs.  One goal was to reduce arrests and slow the growth of mass incarceration with its disparate impact on Blacks.  In Cincinnati these past fifteen years felony and misdemeanor arrests have been cut in half and crime has gone down.  But a disparity continues within the arrests that are still made.  How do we keep the Collaborative effective?  What changes do we need?  How can we continue to promote public safety while reducing arrests?  Al Gerhardstein and Iris Roley of the CBUF have worked hard to promote the Collaborative review.  Now the Mayor and Council have appropriated the funds and the review is underway.  Please take the Community Perception Survey today!

Follow this link to take the survey: Cincinnati Perception Survey

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