The Cleveland Scene published an article about the lawsuit Gerhardstein & Branch filed on behalf of Xavier Hempstead alleging excessive force against a Cleveland police officer and the City of Cleveland. It begins:

Cleveland Police personnel are facing another federal lawsuit over accusations of excessive force. This time it stems from an odd bit of gunplay that unfolded on the city’s west side in December 2013, a case of trigger-happy police and mistaken identity, according to the paperwork filed with the court this month and, as with every other piece of police business unfolding in the 216 circa 2015, it’s hard not to read over the account of the past incident without pulling up thoughts of Tamir Rice and the consent decree.  According to the filing, on December 10, 2013, Xavier Hempstead was minding his own business in his SUV on Emery Avenue, a ribbon of residential pavement west of Bellaire Road. He was a regular in the area: his grandfather built a house on the block, and his mother still lived there. Around 5 p.m. that evening, Hempstead was piloting his black SUV away from his mother’s house when his phone pinged with a text. Hempstead pulled over to respond….

Read the full article here: Cleveland Police Sued for 2013 Shooting Involving Undercover Detectives.

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