On November 18, 2014, in Cincinnati, Al Gerhardstein will teach a portion of the National Business Institute course, “Handling the Police Liability Claim. ” He will focus his presentation on common liability issues, including excessive force, pursuit, wrongful arrest and malicious prosecution, false imprisonment, shooting incidents, and more.  Expect an interactive and engaging presentation. NBI’s description of the entire course is:

Police liability claims are on the rise. Do you have the knowledge to handle this type of case from start to finish? Are you up to date with the ins and outs of state and federal law involving civil actions against police departments and officers? Join us at this practical seminar and learn how to overcome any obstacle you may encounter with a police liability claim – register today!

  • Stay current on state law involving civil actions against police departments and officers.
  • Equip yourself to handle liability issues under Section 1983.
  • Get up to speed on the most common police officer liability issues like excessive force and wrongful arrest.
  • Better understand the police investigation process and know what documents are available for discovery.
  • Understand the statutory immunities that are afforded to police officers.
  • Confidently bring or defend against police liability claims with practical tips from seasoned attorneys.

The course will be held at the Holiday Inn Eastgate, 4501 Eastgate Boulevard, Cincinnati, Ohio 45245.  You can Register Here.

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