Al Gerhardstein had an opinion piece published in the Cincinnati Enquirer calling upon lawyers to stem the use of confidentiality agreements to cover up sexual harassment.

I was a cub lawyer. The man on the phone was an experienced, respected, leading member of the bar. He was blunt.

“You don’t know who you are dealing with. You keep this up and I will report you to the disciplinary counsel and have your license, “he said.

The threats were intimidating. I filed the paternity action against the married, well-known public figure anyway. I was scared but wanted to help my client get child support for her child. But rather than face the defendant in court, I got called into the judge’s chambers. The judge was behind a huge desk. Several suits from a big firm were lined up near him.

“What are you doing with this? “the judge barked as he shook the legal complaint at me…

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