A proposed settlement has been negotiated with Warren County over adoption assistance payments to families adopting special needs children.  Under the proposed settlement, all families in the class will be able to renegotiate their adoption assistance agreements to be in compliance with federal law, according to the criteria agreed to in the settlement.  In addition to the agreed criteria, the parties have developed new documentation and paperwork for families that will better inform families of their rights and guide the negotiation of adoption assistance in accordance with the law in the future. 


Class notice

Motion to approve settlement


Substantive criteria

Negotiation tool

Annual letter

Protective order

Families who adopt special needs children perform a vital role in their communities. These families adopt children, many who have histories of abuse or neglect, who have unique needs and come with unique challenges.  And they do it out of love.  They love their children and want to provide them the stability of a permanent home and family rather than leaving them to languish in permanent foster care.  Title IV-E of the Adoption Assistance and Child Welfare Act was passed in 1980 to make it easier for families to make this permanent commitment.  This proposed settlement agreement will ensure that Warren County families’ rights are protected and encourage adoption of Title IV-E children out of foster care.

The proposed settlement agreement must be approved by the federal court.  A hearing has been set for May 30.  After approval, the class families will have the opportunity to renegotiate and redetermine their adoption assistance agreements in accordance with the provisions of the settlement.  Questions?  Call attorney Caroline Hyatt at 513-246-1066.

For Class Member Families:

Frequently Asked Questions About the Settlement

Authorization Form

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