Al Gerhardstein and Jennifer Branch have negotiated a settlement for the family of Everette Howard Jr. He was tased and died at the University of Cincinnati on August 6, 2011.  After his death the UC police withdrew all of their tasers from service.  The settlement provides that:

  • Compensation.  The University will pay two million dollars plus provide an undergraduate education free of tuition and instructional fees for the two siblings of Everette Jr.
  • Taser Policy. Before tasers are reissued to officers in the UC Police Department the public and the Howard family will be notified and UC will receive suggestions from them on taser training and use;
  • Expert Reports. UC has received and read detailed reports from experts retained by the Howard family including electro physiologist Dr. Douglas Zipes, M.D. and police training and taser expert, Dr. Ronald Martinelli, Ph D.  These reports provide the response of the family to conclusions reached in the University and BCI investigations;
  • Memorial.  UC will install a memorial bench and plaque at the site where Everette Howard Jr. died;
  • Statement by UC President.  UC President Santa J. Ono has issued a statement to the Howard family expressing the “deepest regrets “on the loss of Everette Jr;

The family is part of a group that is monitoring taser policies in law enforcement agencies throughout Hamilton County.  They will continue to press all local agencies for taser reform.  Attorney Al Gerhardstein, who along with Jennifer Branch has filed numerous cases across the State involving tasers, stated, “Everette’s death was unjustified and unnecessary.  Through this case the family is helping reform taser use throughout the region.  Hopefully their investigation and advocacy for their son will prevent more taser deaths.”  The settlement was mediated by Saul Green, who is a former U.S. Attorney and former Deputy Mayor of the City of Detroit.  He also served as the lead monitor for the United States District Court here in Cincinnati helping implement the Cincinnati police reforms through Collaborative Agreement.

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